Intellectual Property

Motschenbacher & Blattner LLP provides counsel on intellectual property matters relating to copyright, trademark, and trade secrets for a wide variety of businesses and individuals representing industries from construction and manufacturing, to individual artists and musicians.


Our lawyers provide assistance with the development of trademark protection strategies, trademark searches, preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, oppositions and cancellations, and trademark infringement litigation.


Our lawyers handle disputes involving materials protected by copyright and provide services such as development of copyright protection strategies, copyright searches, preparing, filing and prosecuting copyright applications and copyright infringement litigation.

Additional Assistance

The firm additionally provides assistance with the drafting and negotiating of copyright licenses and related agreements, with a particular focus on entertainment-related contracts such as artist recording agreements, synchronization and master use licenses, and publishing and administration agreements.

Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

Our lawyers assist with the preparation and negotiation of employment and independent contractor agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and other contracts designed to protect trade secrets.

E-Commerce & Technology Licensing

Our lawyers advise a variety of companies who transact business on the Internet. We draft and negotiate website terms of sale and use, privacy policies, software licenses, affiliation agreements, content licensing and distribution agreements, e-commerce supplier and distribution agreements, service agreements, and website design agreements.

Litigation Services

Our firm provides litigation assistance in each of the above areas and can advise clients on liability and risk allocation matters, as well as represent clients in all types of dispute proceedings.